Rochdale Girls say 'Educate for OUR future - create a new curriculum'

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Rochdale girls want to talk about the current curriculum,

As Young People, we feel the curriculum isn’t preparing us for the future we face or the Jobs that will be available. Where are the life skills? Where is the critical thinking? Where is the political education?  Where has creativity gone? We know the future will not be the same as the past so why is our education?

 In a rapidly changing world creative skills are looked to more and more, autonomy  and having the space to explore ideas are not catered for at school. we need more political education to support us make the right choice when we come to vote.

We want the curriculum to be debated and made fit for purpose. the structure and values in the current system are designed for the industrial age and haven't changed in over a hundred years.

We as young people spend 35 hours a week in the education system, we are the people who should be involved in the debate. We need to create the future by recognising the talents within us all.  We learn in different ways, have different skills and our education is limiting the ability of many to achieve what we are capable of. 

We know many teachers feel the same – they are limited with large class sizes, the pressures on targets is taking up their time, meaning they are unable to bring the creativity we know they have. 

We need to talk about the future, we need to talk about the curriculum- Please sign the petition