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Every 10 years we see the vehicle tax system changes.

In 2001 a new vehicle tax system was introduced due to European Union regulations which meant the lower the emissions the lower the vehicle tax.

Now that we have effectively left the European Union why has this changed again?

Why are the only cars that are Hydrogen and Electric powered free to tax when other vehicles which are Petrol or Diesel powered may also produce the similar carbon emission higher to tax?

We would like the system to remain as it is because the government are effectively just taking the Mick and making it into a money making scheme just because car producers are making more economical and eco-friendly cars.

 Vehicle tax band should not be established upon the type of fuel that they use instead based upon the amount of emissions they produce.

 Vehicle tax that is being charged is not used on the roads to be improved instead filling up the pockets of the government. In the last 10 years we have not seen the roads improve instead gone from a state of bad to worse. The pot holes have got worse. The roads are worse in bad conditions such as when it is icy or the weather is bad. So where is this money being spent?

The electricity that would be used to power up to electric vehicles is produced by burning fossil fuels which is coal. So in effect realistically does the level of emissions decrease just because a person drives an Electric powered vehicle when the actual source of the electricity has come from burning fossil fuels.

Hydrogen powered vehicles are not even in productions. It's like saying to a kid don't eat any sweets after you have stuck a load of sweets in front of them! The Government will not give you an discount for driving a vehicle which is Electric powered or Hydrogen powered. Considering the availability of getting Hydrogen or Electricity at any petrol station and the time scale is it really cost effective or time effective for everyone?

The government have no right to increase the vehicle tax and change the vehicle tax system just because vehicles have become more eco-friendly therefore the government cannot produce just as much in revenue.

This petition is to stop the parliament and to refer to the tax system which was introduced in 2001 and stick to it not to change the system every 10 years just because enough revenue is not being created! this system just refers to the system which was pre 2001.




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