Review and strengthen trespass laws following 'Project Calf'

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We have recently seen the proliferation of activist groups that focus on distributing the personal details of farms, farmers and country parish holding numbers in the UK. This incites trespass; although activist groups advise protestors to stick to public footpaths, footage obtained by their own groups shows that these are not being adhered to. 

There are many elderly farmers that live and work alone across the country that could easily fall target to such groups; current laws leave grey areas relating to images and footage obtained whilst illegally trespassing. 
The risk of trespass, burglaries and crime is increased whilst the personal details of farmers are being distributed. It only takes one criminal to act on the false information spread by groups for a tragedy to occur.

We are calling for the strengthening of current law to support and protect farmers, and to give police forces more ground to act on cases where footage and images are obtained when offenders are illegally trespassing.