Restoration of original Unsocial Hours Payments contracts for Ambulance Workers in England

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Changes to unsocial hours in the Ambulance Service saw the 2018 NHS Pay Deal regularise unsocial hours (USH) payments across the NHS.

For fifteen years most ambulance staff received USH payments of up to 25% under Annex 5. The harmonisation of USH, under section 2 Agenda for Change, is now creating career progression and retention issues within the ambulance service.
In a survey undertaken by North West Ambulance Service Unison about these changes, 60% of respondents indicated that they no longer wish to progress within the ambulance service.

Staff view any move from Annex 5 to section 2 of Agenda for Change as a PAY CUT and are concerned that their salary WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH TO MEET LIVING COSTS.

An Ambulance Technician who recently qualified as a Paramedic saw the changes as so detrimental, that they seriously considered remaining in their previous role.

This situation is not improved by perception that management will seek to reduce costs by giving those shifts attracting most USH, weekends and night, to those staff who remain on Annex 5.

Members are also concerned that due to the stressful and physical nature of the job they risk losing their USH payments when off work due to ill health. For members who are off work long term, this could amount to a loss of several thousand pounds.
Those who do wish to progress are generally younger and see progression to Paramedic as an opportunity to move elsewhere, outside the ambulance service. At a time when even Unison‟s own evidence indicates that 82% of ambulance staff have considered leaving the NHS, can we really afford to lose yet more staff? 

Since the introduction of these changes, a record number of Ambulance staff are making applications to hardship funds, and utilising food banks to be able to make ends meet. This is not sustainable, and is not only having a lasting impact on the staff members concerned, but also their families. 

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