Rescind Article 50 and negotiate with the EU

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The 2016 Referendum demonstrated that a small majority of the UK public were in favour of leaving the EU. The consequences of leaving were not clearly explained, largely because the type of EU departure was not given and thus the complexities were impossible to evaluate.

The UK voted in good faith, but ultimately what they voted for is unknown. Reports suggest immigration, sovereignty of Parliament and the Judiciary, economic benefit, desire for a change and simple Patriotism all played a part in shaping the voting intention whilst some have suggested a protest vote may also have occurred. We recognise that the British people have genuine concerns about our current EU membership, but also understand the benefits of EU membership. The people feel let down by Government and Parliament who appeared to promise benefits that now do not seem to be able to be delivered.

We want our Government to rescind Article 50 and begin discussing with the UK Public, to better understand what changes are required in our relationship with the EU. At the appropriate time we then require the Government to take the negotiations to the EU and return with a set of changes that can be laid in front of the UK public to decide upon at a General Election.