Replace Edward Colston’s Statue with a Memorial for Black Lives Matter

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As you may know, on 7th June 2020, the statue of Edward Colston, a 17th Century slave merchant, was taken down in Bristol as part of the Black Lives Matter protests.

The majority of the community have praised this act, wondering why the city of Bristol has a statue commemorating the memory of a man who shipped thousands of slaves from Africa to America; serving as a harsh reminder to the black community of the racial exploitation of their ancestors.
However, some argue that his statue served an educational purpose, sparking conversation about slavery and the country's history of racial injustice.

This is why I am proposing that the city of Bristol replace Edward Colston's statue with a memorial, dedicated to all the slaves who lost their lives to racial injustice, upheld by merchants such as Edward Colston. This would also serve as a tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. In turn, this would allow future generations to have the discussion about racism, and be a reminder of the many people who have fought for the rights of the black community, whilst also showing a wonderful and meaningful tribute to those who have pathed the way to the world we live in now.

I urge you to sign this petition and look into this proposal as I believe that this memorial would serve as a fantastic view of Bristol's more inclusive and diverse future, rather than celebrating their harrowing and racist past.

*Disclamer* As a white woman, I understand that I will never truly understand the struggles of the black community, nor those of your ancestors. In no way do I intend to dominate the conversation, or speak for the black community in this or any situation regarding Black Lives Matter. 
For that reason if this petition goes any further, I will ensure that the black community will be at the heart of any decision made regarding any possible replacement of Edward Colston’s statue.

If anyone in the black community would like to assist in writing the letter to the Mayor of Bristol, feel free to contact me @lindabooth1872 on Twitter. 


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