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Removing PR (parental responsibility) from Offenders of Domestic Abuse

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I was in an abusive relatioship for seven years and my abuser is also the father of my two youngest children so this is an issue i feel very passionate about. I am now proud to be a survivor of Domestic Abuse and am in a position where i work supporting victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse. The issue that keeps being highlighted time and time again is Parental Responsibility and how the perpetrator's continue to use PR to abuse their victims by manipulating  and playing the system to their own advantage. PR when used properly gives each parent the right to voice how they would like their child to be raised. PR in the hands of the abuser gives them the opportunity to find out where their children go to school, where they reside, what doctors they are registered with and the ability to use this information to harrass their victims when all the victims are doing is trying to keep themselves and their children safe, it also gives the perpetrator the power to excerise control over the victim and their children once again. This leaves the victims feeling unsafe and extreamly vunerable and in some cases this has been fatal. A change in the law reguarding PR and Domestic Abuse Offenders will help hundreds of thousands of victims across the UK to live safely and in peace.

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