Remove The Power Home Office Has When It Comes To Marriage

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THE RIGHT TO MARRIAGE SHOULD BELONG TO US AND NOT HOME OFFICE! They shouldn't have that much power to state who can get married and who can't.

People should be free to marry whoever they want. That is a given right! whether or not it is a sham, that should not be determined by Home Office. People should be free to marry and if an investigation is needed, then it should be done after the ceremony. We live in London where most people are from different ethnic backgrounds and therefore will have different immigration issues based on their history. BUT this should not stop people from being able to get married. If people love each other then that should be enough power to make it happen.

The British Home Office has been given too much power, abusing peoples rights and even those of the EU. This should no longer be the case. Home Office doesn't have the couples interest at hand, they are only concern with making money and reducing the number of migrants in this country. This is not what Marriage is about, so how are they to determine who has the right to marry.

They make the process time consuming, difficult, expensive and the requirements can be ridiculous. Even once it has been completed, they find a minor fault that wasn't part of contract and can use it against the couple. Thousands of people have been effected by this and still are being effected. This can take a toll on someones mental and physical health with the strain it puts on people. Marriage should be a time of happiness, not stress. This is our moment, we need to stop this for the sake of our rights. 

A marriage is a marriage and only we should have that power to decide. The government should work for us, not against us. That is Democracy.


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