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The Acting Metropolitan Commissioner locked himself in his car and watched as PC Keith Palmer was murdered. As a former police officer the 10/10 call used by officers requiring assistance is the ultimate requirement of every officer to drop whatever he is doing to assist that officer calling for help. Sir Craig Mackey locked himself in his vehicle for fear of being the next victim and watched as an officer went down outside Westminster. Never in the code of the Police has this happened until now. The Ultimate betrayal of PC Palmer and all of the serving and retired officers of this Country are guttered beyond comprehension of this leader of men. He has betrayed the oath and the uniform he wears, let alone the gallant men of the force he leads by 'example.' He by his own admissions allowed a fellow officer to fall.  We demand his removal and the title of 'Sir.' Please sign to remove this man from his position and help the family of PC Keith Palmer (RIP) have closure. The Police needs men of leadership, and quality, sadly he lacks in every count?