Refund slavery abolition debt to British descendants of slaves.

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The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 abolished slavery in the UK and throughout the British Empire. This was progression and nobody would disagree very good news for Britain. However, the Act provided monetary compensation to slave-owners at the time in exchange for freeing their slaves. 

The British government raised £20 million to pay out for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners of the freed slaves. At the time, not a penny was paid to the slaves themselves for their time being kept as a prisoner forced to work for nothing. 

£20 million in 1833 is worth £2.4 billion in today's money. It amounted to 40% of the Treasury's annual income, 5% of the British GDP. To finance this ludicrous compensation payment, Britain had to take out a £15 million loan in 1835, this was not paid back until 2015. 

What this means, is descendants of slaves who live and work in the UK up to 2015 actually contributed to clearing the debt that was created because of a payment made to their ancestors' owners, just so that they could be freed. This is immoral, unethical and just plain ridiculous. 

Please sign this petition if you feel that the descendants of slaves living and working in the UK should be refunded their tax contribution towards this ridiculous compensation payment. It's time for HM Treasury to put right the mistakes of the past!