Reform the freedom of speech act

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The UK's freedom of speech bill no longer lends itself to far right and far left movements, the UK's liberal approach to allowing uncensored freedom of speech offers a platform to groups that shouldnt be allowed to spread hate in public and to an audience where some people may be drawn in by this!!  

Allowing white supremesists or muslim radicals to preach hate on our streets and organise hate rallies should not be allowed as it simply undermines the majority of opinion in our communities, the nazi groups would have us believe all Muslims are terrorists and obviously they're not!  And the radical muslim groups would have us believe we all should be living under Sharia law!!  Really! 

Its time the UK,s political correctness was thrown in the rubbish where it belongs and we take a hard line against both sides in a bid to promote harmony and peace in all of our communities across the UK, leave this act as it is and allow the UK government and police forces to turn a blind eye to people mostly uneducated on the issue causing unrest and risk dividing our communities even further

Reform the freedom of speech bill today, allow people their views but set perimeters that  block any hatred or scare mongering between communities, secure future generations UK now!