Reassess IPP tariffs 4 years and below and replace with a suitable determinate sentence

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To save a drowning man is campaigning for the voices of those affected by the now abolished IPP sentence to be heard, raising awareness of the 99-year licence conditions and the impact it has for progression, release and recall to custody indefinitely. We are fighting to have all short tariff IPP sentences of 4 years and below assessed and replaced with a sentence that reflects the current day justice system and offers hope for the hopeless who are trapped in custody unable to secure release for numerous reasons.

We are fighting for fair justice. We need to raise awareness of what's happening within the justice system and we need to show how unjust this is for so many.

The IPP sentence was abolished in 2012, branded a stain on our justice system, inhumane and not defensible, however is was not done retrospectively so thousands today remain trapped IPP prisoners.

IPP was introduced in 2005 under the Criminal Justice Act of 2003. The purpose of this sentence was for it to be handed out to offenders convicted of either a serious sexual or violent nature and one which deemed them to be of significant risk to the public. It was projected at the time that maybe a few hundred of these sentences would be handed out, however over 8000 received them and the range of crimes that they were issued for (many of them seen as petty) are one of the most emotive parts of this campaign that families, MP's, barristers, solicitors, reform charities and many others fight today.

No one is saying that we excuse the original crimes committed, most people accept that they or their loved ones did wrong, they mostly deserved a custodial sentence and accept that they needed to serve one under our justice system. What we struggle with is the grossly disproportionate punishment that has followed.

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