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Q-Jump in coffee shops, cafés etc for UK emergency services during refreshment breaks

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The last month or so has truly demonstrated the incredible work that the emergency services of this nation do for all of us, all for a very modest wage.

When they take a break, it's not for a set period of time. If a call comes in, they're up, stopping what they're doing and working again.

One of our proudest traditions in the UK is the tradition of the British queue. There are very few instances in which the public will tolerate anyone not joining the back of a queue. 

The emergency services on a rest break should, and must, be one of these instances.

Whether it's a policeman at a motorway services buying a coffee, let them jump in. A couple of paramedics at Gregg's, let them jump in.

You never know when you might need them.

It is hoped that, instead of legislative changes, the general public will start to adopt this stance and maybe retailers too.

Letting someone jump into a queue costs nothing. Respect costs nothing.

So, that fireman bought the last sausage roll in the shop by jumping the queue? So what.

So, you were two minutes longer in the shop because the paramedic got served his coffee before you? So what.

You don't think that policeman really needed to go to the front of the queue to pay for his chocolate bar? So what.

These people are a hell of a lot more likely to save your life than you are to save theirs. Remember that and let them into the front of the queue.

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