Public Vote of No Confidence in the Tory Government

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This government has failed the people.

It has failed to protect lives during the COVID pandemic: the highest death toll in Europe; encouraging easing lockdown  with the highest daily deaths; using care homes as death camps for the elderly 

And if this is not enough they also heap injury upon injury by failing to protect the economy and jobs, with an insistence on leaving the EU with or without a deal at the end of this year.

Money is pouring out of the Exchequer into the businesses and coffers of their cronies;they penalise disadvantaged pupils with their GCE, and possibly also their GCSE grading algorithm; and all the while stay away on holidays when they should be in Parliament dealing with the shambles they have created.

Now they are prepared to break international law, and give themselves power to override domestic laws.

This is a rogue government working against its own people - incompetent and highly dangerous.

It needs to go.