Public inquiry for the police not investigating my sons murder properly

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My son, Fouadi Mohamed was murdered in June 2019, he was stabbed 19 times in a frenzied attack by his neighbour, Mohamed Hussain who then went into his bedroom and grabbed a knife and killed my son, who died at the scene. Hussain went on the run and later handed himself to a local police station. DC Kelly Rowbotham (Homicide & Major Crime Command) told me that Hussain was charged with murder, they have recovered the knife, they have obtained the CCTV and he was remanded in custody. 

On the 23/10/19 the DC Rowbotham and the Sargent in the case came to see me and advised me that the charge may be reduced to manslaughter, because Hussain had given them intelligence on separate issues and because Fouadi's associates were in prison and this did not look good for his case. My issue is that Hussain intended to murder my son because he had told a witness who present at the scene that he was going into his house to get a knife a stab my son. The witness was not contacted by the police although we informed them about this.This is not manslaughter, this is premeditated murder. The police also advised me that they cannot locate the knife which he used to kill my son, how is that possible? when I was told that the knife was recovered.

The CPS went ahead with the murder trial. Hussain pleaded guilty to manslaughter and not guilty to murder. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict. On the 17/12/19 Hussain received a four year sentence and his crime was classed as category C manslaughter (which is the lowest form of manslaughter). This is an insult and makes a mockery of the justice system. He murdered my son and received a four year prison sentence, Where is the justice for my son?

I have major concerns with the way the police  handled  the case. They did not interview key witnesses and they withheld vital evidence, which was crucial in securing a murder conviction. The police had no intention of investigating the murder case, 19 stab wounds is not manslaughter but murder. Hussain got away with murder. The police had informed me that Hussain has given them intelligence, which he has more than likely made up. Also he is not a reliable witnesses because he himself has a criminal record, is in a gang and members of his family are serving prison sentences. 

I feel my son has died in vain and I will not get justice that my son deserves. This is causing my eminence stress and I do not have the strength to deal with this. I am still grieving for my son. The police have treated us unfairly, they treated the defendant better than we were treated and now he has got away with murder. 

I do not believe that the police followed all enquires accordingly, most of the evidence was withheld, witnesses were not interviewed. The CPS's case was very disorganised and they did not speak to us and did not keep us informed. My complaint is against the police investigation as the case was not investigated properly. There are so many flaws with the investigation and the police missed vital leads. 

Can you please sign this petition so that I can launch action against the police and get the justice that my son deserves.

Thank you for your help and support, it's really appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Kazala Mohamed