Provide a leaflet about sepsis to all women who have given birth and high risk groups.

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I recently lost my amazing sister to sepsis within a fortnight after giving birth to a beautiful girl. I believe due to the lack of information given to her after birth, she was not aware of the symptoms or what sepsis is or how deadly sepsis can be. She was completely unaware that once she was released from hospital after birth, it could have already been too late.

Sepsis is a devastating infection that is becoming more and more common after childbirth and more common than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. Over 44,000 deaths annually from sepsis and 44% of people in the UK have never heard of sepsis. The time-frame for diagnosis is crucial to receive immediate treatment or if left untreated, sepsis can lead to multiple organ failure and death within a very short period.

I believe providing a short leaflet outlining the common symptoms and emergency contacts should be provided to every women after birth and be readily available to high risk groups. This leaflet should act as a first defence against preventing sepsis deaths nationwide and be formally explained by a doctor/midwife upon receiving. This leaflet will also raise awareness to mothers to recognize the symptoms if their children/babies show signs of sepsis.

If creating nationwide awareness about this deadly infection in the form of leaflets saves a single life and prevents another innocent child losing their mother, it's worth it.  

I have permanently lost a part of me, a void that won't ever be filled over a horrible infection which a course of antibiotics could have prevented. I don't ever want another family to experience what our family have endured.