Protecting Trans Citizens UK

Protecting Trans Citizens UK

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Started by Anastasia Lemaitre

The transphobic hate groups have been littering the streets with abusive and disturbing hate speech about trans people. In Alloa, on the 6th of March 2022, a knife was placed under a sticker which said "I love JK Rowling" in town, which meant when trying to take it down, someone's finger was cut open. 

These transphobic groups are going around our towns and spreading hate. These people are claiming to be "suffragettes" and claim the term "LGB" without the T. They lied to our councils about why they were in town and got on our government websites. Holding seminars under the name "Woman's Festivals." These people have spread their hate to everyone.  

This is harmful. Disgusting and Horrendous. Our town has been littered with hate saying "No Extra balls in Women's Sports." This is not women's empowerment as they have labeled it. They do not speak for the women of this country, they do not speak for the rest of our LGBTQI+ community, they do not speak for the people of Scotland.

"There is no aggravated offense of homophobic, biphobic, or transphobic hate crime" 

They use the excuse of keeping AFAB (assigned female at birth) people safe from sexual assault. But we know that sex offenders do not go through years of transitioning to sexually assault someone. People just want to use the bathroom they feel more comfortable in. They claim to try and protect lesbian, gay, and bi spaces, they think that male inmates in prison will pretend to be female to get into women's prisons. 

These people are using their feminism as a mask to cover their hate. 


Trans Lives Matter. They will always matter. Sign now to get our governments to fight against transphobia and put legislation in place to keep this from happening.

We need legislation in our government to prevent hate groups like this from spreading hate propaganda around our towns. We need these to be classed as hate crimes and need to be taken seriously. 

313 have signed. Let’s get to 500!