Prosecute the mcannes for neglect and fraud

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Even if they aren't guilty of murder or sexual abuse the Mcannes are guilty of neglect and forgoing the safety of their children just so they could go enjoy a night out, Any normal family would face action of social services and may even lose their child for far less than this. They should also be charged with wasting police time and funds, as for the last 11 years they have allowed an ongoing search for a child they know they will not find. Wasting much of the governments and policing forces time and resources. And lastly, they have raise money for a charity that is purely false, they have received hundreds of thousands of the publics money into a charity that they haven't even used for the purposes the charity was opened for. If the Mccanns were prosecuted this money could be seized and go back into helping the police and our government find really missing people in need.