Prevent the Nigerian President and His Vice from Entering the United Kingdom

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There has been a series of atrocities ongoing at the moment in Nigeria where a group known as Fulani Herdsmen from the northern part of Nigeria belong to the Fulani tribe a sect of the North where the current President of Nigeria hails from have been involved in murdering innocent citizens, men, women, pregnant women having babies taken out of them and smashing the foetus as well as defensely children in most states of the Federation.

This group have become a menace to everyone including Christians, Muslims, and Traditional worshippers across the country. The most gruesome act was the new year day killing if over 70 people in a Benue state where they had initially written to the state government of their plan threatening they were going to pounce on them, true to their threat, many souls where lost on that fateful nears day of 2018, people slaughtered like animals (even animals needed to be killed with dignity). The state government upon receiving the threat of invasion informed the Presidency who according to the Governor did nothing about it, hence the eventual loss of lives. There was no condolence, acceptance of guilt or official visit to the state to condole with the families of the deceased by the office of the Presidency but to make matters worse, the  Presidency has now drafted a bill to be sent to the Senate in Nigeria empowering the so called Fulani herdsmen to have residency in all state of the federation allowing them access to every land by virtue of Federal government granting them owner of any land they so wish to acquire paying whoever the owner of such land any amount they so wish for the land for the herdsmen to graze their cattle which is a front for ethnic cleansing and eventually penetrating and over throwing the state with full backing of the Presidency.

Now, the time has come for someone to take action by starting with stopping the Presidency access to the United kingdom fir no reason as he is a democratically elected President who has decided and allowed the killing of his citizens, and more threats are being made by the herdsmen to unleash war on the people of Nigeria, every tribe, religion and sexuality and yet the presidency is mute about this.

It was only a few months ago that the same president raised military action against the agitators of an Independent state of Biafra where dozens of agitators where killed, some arrested never to be seen on the streets again, no one seems to be asking question.

Do we want this to continue, do you want your children to be slaves in their own country? Only this last week, a preacher in a state of Nigeria was arrested by the state security under the directives of the president for crying out on his pulpit for Nigerians to vote out a wicked regime come 2019. Lets see what will come of this episode. People are not allowed to speak freely in a democratic country. 

If we want to take away the priviledge of the Presidency to travel to the United kingdom or any European country at that for medical or political reason until he answers to the crime his kinsmen are perpetrating, I imploy you to sign this petition which will be sent to the honourable Parliament of the United Kingdom and European Parliament banning President M Buhari, Vice President Y Osibanjo and their cabinet until they answer for the atrocities. 

Do we want this to continue, enough talk, time for some action starting with this petition. If we have enough signatures the EU and UK parliament will have to discuss this as a matter of genocide and abuse of power against his own people. 

Time is now! 

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