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Prevent the Forced Separation of Multiples in School

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Hello everyone,

We are starting a petition regarding the forced separation of twins and multiples in schools in the UK.

I was made aware of this issue when my own twin boys were separated into two different classrooms against my will! I had expressed my want for them to remain together months before the decision had been made but they were still ripped away from one another.

Most teachers blindly believe that multiples do better off when separated with their twin/multiple sibling/s and ignore the unique individual needs of each set of multiples, covering them in a cold blanket policy because that is 'what is best for them' according to people who aren't the parents of the children.

Most schools are ignoring the decision of parents and only taking into account the decision and dictator like opinion of the class teacher without a care for what the children's parents want. And most importantly... the children!

However, new research (which is simply being brushed off by the school and headteacher) shows that separation of certain sets of multiples can lead to damaging psychological effects, present even at the age of twelve.

We are urging to change the law regarding the school placement of multiples, in order to give parents and their children the voice that they are entitled to!

Please sign today and make a difference to many. Thank you

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