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Prevent terrorist details being published in the media

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No one is born with hate, it is taught.
Extremists target the vulnerable, those who are desperate and looking for meaning in their lives.
In the impressionable minds that are brainwashed to hate and kill are desperate souls looking for their moment of recognition and spotlight. Whatever the cost.
If we prevent the media giving the details and pictures of the terrorists, it may actually take the accolade away from joining these extremist groups and carrying out these horrendous attacks.
I propose new legislation to prevent the media releasing the names of these terrorists, with the hope that it may dissuade and even prevent an attack.
It might work, it might not. I've recently become a father and I can't even begin to imagine what the families in Manchester are going through right now.
We need to do something, locally and nationally, this can't keep happening.
I'll be writing to my local MP to bring about this change, I urge you to do the same.
I've also started an online petition - If you agree, please sign it.

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