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Police Officers Right to Carry Firearms - UK!

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Terror related and targeted attacks seem to have become a regular occurrence in todays world, with many Police Officers being intentionally assaulted and slaughtered in these attacks.

Most recently, PC Keith Palmer, stood guarding the Houses of Parliament in London when he was brutally murdered by a deranged terrorist. PC Palmer may have died a hero, but his death could have been prevented had he been armed with a firearm. How is he expected to 'Guard' the houses of parliament, a national landmark and the meeting place of hundreds of key political figures if he has no weapon?

To most of us, the concept of guarding would be to 'ward off attack from or guard against assault or injury', this is an impossibility for any man who finds himself up against a psychopath with a large kitchen knife.

Our Police Officers have not only been injured in terror attacks such as this, but also targeted attacks by those such as Raoul Moat and Dale Cregan in recent years, lone attackers who have specifically targeted male and female Police Officers going about their call of duty.

Our Police Officers being unarmed is the single most obvious feature that sets the British Police apart from their counterparts overseas and countless tourists and visitors express shock at the absence of firearms from our officers patrolling the streets, particularly in our beautiful capital. British residents may have gotten used to this, but with the increased attacks around the world and now in London, our Police have a right to carry a firearm more than ever.

Please sign this petition and hope that our government take note and realise what needs to be done to deter these despicable people from committing such disgusting acts of hatred.

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