Place warning labels on all future plastic containers made in the UK

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As many of you are aware, plastic pollution has become a rather hot topic over the last few years. We've all seen the images on the news and the Internet of the wildlife that has been horribly affected by plastic waste in the oceans and throughout all of the natural world.

Many animals come across discarded pieces of plastic and mistake it for food. They end up eating it and because they're unable to digest it, it builds up inside their stomach. Once their stomach is full, they do not attempt to find further nourishment and so they eventually die of malnutrition as a result.

This is just one of the ways in which plastic waste is having a terrible impact on the natural world. I'm sure you noticed the image of the turtle accompanying this petition. Tell me that's not one of the most heart-breaking things you've ever seen...

This happens everyday, to all manner of wildlife, but human-beings tend to have an out of sight, out of mind attitude to this sort of thing. It is for this reason that I hope, with this petition, to gain 100,000 signatures in support of placing a mandatory warning label on all plastic bottles and food containers made in the UK with images of the affected animals.

This petition will then be forwarded on to the UK Parliament for their consideration.

As it turns out, a small label on these plastic containers and bottles asking people politely to recycle isn't enough. There are many people who do recycle, but there are still too many who do not.

I feel that an image on each UK-made plastic packaging container and bottle showing clearly the effect it has on wildlife could really help to get the point across to people who haven't  yet been made aware of just how dire the situation really is. 

This method has been shown to work with tobacco products, using large warning labels and graphic images, and I strongly believe it can work with regards to showing people the effect that plastic waste has on the environment too.

So, in summation, the purpose of this petition is to make it a mandatory legal requirement for all manufacturers to include on their plastic packaging a warning label describing the effect discarded plastic has on the natural world and a graphic image showing this too, such as the one which accompanies this petition.

Thank you for reading.