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Lower business rates at UK motorway service stations to bring down the price of petrol

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I am an organised person, however my plans to fill up with petrol before venturing onto the M4 went out of the window this week with Christmas on my mind and, as such, my petrol light came on just as I reached the motorway.

I swore lots because I knew this meant I would have to stop at the dreaded motorway services for fuel and that it would cost me more than if I had remembered to stop at my local supermarket to fill up. I didn't realise however how much more expensive it would be.  Last time I filled my car up I paid 120.9p a litre.  At the services it was 137.9p a litre. I was disgusted and only put enough petrol in to get me off the motorway so I could fill up at a cheaper station.  Then I started wondering who else does this and why we should be made to pay so much more for petrol in motorway services. 

Last year, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) reported that petrol prices on motorways were, on average, 7.5p a litre higher than elsewhere, and diesel prices were 8p a litre more expensive. Why is this acceptable?  

I want motorway petrol stations to be able to reduce their fuel prices to bring them in line with off-motorway petrol stations. I am aware that the business rates on services stations are extremely high and the government needs to address this in order for petrol costs to be reduced. 

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