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Petition For A National Bed Public Holiday

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Injustice baffles me
it’s all around us, inside us
every day, don’t you see it?

For instance, the way
nations bully nations
or the way fashion houses
won’t make clothes
for people who
(did not choose to be
or the ones who
by their voracious
ability to over-choose)
are large-
from the rest of us.  

Or the other injustice
that has gone unnoticed
by everyone living or dead
until I, Tolu' Akinyemi 
(also called Poetolu), did
while looking
out of an eighth floor window.

At people passing;
tall ones
and ones that hugged the ground
dark ones
and ones that glow in the dark
loud ones
and ones that had no mouth
hurrying ones
and ones that had no house.

I looked down
the truth came up—
these people
all have faithful servants
silent heroes
that they return to
every night.


Not everyone has a home
but everyone has a bed.

A bed that doesn’t complain
whether we come back
early or late
but gladly every night
would carry our weights
and does not discriminate
(whether you did
not choose to
or by your voracious
ability to over-choose
are large-ly
from the rest of us).

So noble or humble
God bless the beds of our land;

The ceasar-size ones
the emperor-size one
the king-size ones
the standard-size ones
the mat-size ones.

Even the caved-in-and-
faded-couch-size ones
and the stack-of-newspaper-
and-old-clothes-size ones
and the ones I’ve only heard
about but not seen before.

These heroes deserve praise
so here is a petition to Parliament
(that I hope in a way is also a poem). 
Please sign it
for a National Bed Holiday.

-Tolu' Akinyemi
(Author, 'Funny Men Cannot Be Trusted')

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