£750 pensioner pension credit stealth cut (Hidden on a Friday night night) under Brexit

£750 pensioner pension credit stealth cut (Hidden on a Friday night night) under Brexit

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I am 64 soon to retire and my wife is 54 both of us are disabled.

from may 15 up to  £750 p/month will be taken from retirees who have a younger partner,

unless you are both the same age you won't get pension credit you must apply for working benefit universal credit

If you don't have a private  pension pension credit helps to make sure that you receive standard pension

The government have decided when in coalition with lib Dems, pensioners now must apply for universal credit as pension credit will not be available to them this is so very wrong as  it stops any pension credit entitlement,

Previously at retirement both retiree and spouse would qualify for joint income .

But now even though retired a claim for universal credit needs to be made saving the government up to £750 p/ year this is wrong

This week government voted themselves another increase (more than(£2000 p/a

How fair is that

This will effect everyone who has a partner younger, and who has not been able to make payments into a pension (had to spend on children as money always tight ).

Unlike politicians who get  a gauranteed private pension.



Please help to get this overturned just by clicking agree

no one marries a spouse younger on purpose.A review is urgently required to stop this measure that will cause pensioner poverty.and cause pensioner couples to divorce/desperate to exist .to work all your life and end up being treated like this is a scandal for any government.