Petition against Westminster Council’s decision to reject a pedestrianised Oxford Street

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Plans for a traffic-free Oxford Street have been scrapped by Westminster Council who “insisted local residents were unimpressed by the concept. It suggested that, with cars and bus routes diverted, additional vehicle traffic pressure would be placed on nearby side streets by the plans” -

We believe this decision has been based off the opinions of few and goes against is the needs of the many. With the continued support from the Mayor of London - Sadiq Khan and the thousands of locals who support the move, the pedestrianisation offers the needed safety to locals and tourists and fulfills the street’s requirements to hold the millions of people that use it yearly. 

“Oxford Street is the most dangerous part of the country for pedestrians crossing the road, new figures reveal...”

“research in 2011 by the Greater London Authority found that Oxford Street’s accident rate was 35 times the average for London Streets” - Evening Standard

Faced with increasing pestedrian numbers, newly placed tube networks to the area and the high levels of accidents on the street, Westminster Council must listen to the facts and the requests from the many in making Oxford Street pedestrianised. Oxford Street is one of the busiest streets in London and a major international tourist asset of the City, one that should be made safe and brought up to the standards the Street requires.

The petitioners therefore request Westminster Council (with the support from the Mayor of London and the UK Parliament) to change their decision to withdraw support and make Oxford Street traffic free.