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Jlloyd's Parents DENIED again !

Leslie-Ann Samuel
United Kingdom

Mar 2, 2019 — 

NEWS ! The photo above is a recent email sent to Jlloyd's family on the 18 February 2019 @ 11:22 am by                                                     Stephanie C Davies                                                                               Senior Coroner’s Officer 

On the 15 May 2018 my family and I were told that my brother, Jlloyd Samuel had died. We were told that his diesel Range rover sport car was involved in a road traffic accident. His car blew up! My farther, Jlloyd's close friend and I drove to Warrington hospital where we were told the body was taken. We arrived at the hospital and were surprised to find out that the body they were claiming was Jlloyd was not at the hospital. We simply could not understand what was really going on. We were later informed that the body was at Warrington hospital. Why were we told different on the day of the collision? why were we told differently on the 15 May 2018? Cheshire police Liz Thompson told family and friends that NO ONE is allowed to view the body they were claiming was Jlloyd Samuel. In front of many of Jlloyd's family and friends I asked WHY? This was the beginning of what seems to be a battle Jlloyd's family and I were prepared to take for our loved one and stay the cause, no matter how long the battle was to take. Our search for the truth had begun. We were told that Jlloyd's family could not ask direct questions to the Cheshire police, namely - family liaison officer Liz Thompson. Our questions had to go through a total stranger, to many of Jlloyd's family members including Jlloyd's mother the stranger was unknown. The stranger now know as Cheryl Mylqueeney was appointed to speak on behalf of the mother of Jlloyd's three children. 

After informing Cheryl Mylqueeney that I was intending to take legal action if Jlloyd's family were DENIED to see the body registered as my parents son, the family were then informed that the Cheshire police has now agreed to the viewing of the body. I asked when the family can view the body, we were later informed that we are not allowed to view the body as yet, the body now needed to go to Liverpool for a second postmortem. In June 2018 my family and I went to view the body they registered as my brother, Jlloyd Samuel. When we arrived at the funeral home Jlloyd's family, who drove four hours to view the body were DENIED entry. I called Cheryl Mylqueeney at once asking why Jlloyd's family have been denied entry to view the body which was registered as their family, Jlloyd Samuel. We were told ''only the parents and siblings of Jlloyd were allowed to view the deceased''. Was this really fair? My family and I could not believe this behavior. My family felt that they were robed the opportunity of saying good bye to someone they too had loved and still loves. The body they were claiming was Jlloyd Samuel was totally unrecognizable. We requested that Jlloyd's family, a pathologist and I come back to the funeral home to collect a DNA sample at once. The Cheshire police, coroners office, the mother of Jlloyd's three children; (Jlloyd has four children in total) and the funeral home knew our intentions, they all knew we were about to collect the DNA sample on what we later learnt was unlicensed premises, meaning the DNA could not be tested in England as the premises does not hold a licence for human tissue to be taken on their premises. After informing all institutions, including the HTA human tissue authority of such act, Jlloyd's family sought guidance from the HTA and decided to have the body sent to the mortuary hours before the funeral with a witness (family friend) present. The family friend live's close to the hospital. The family witness and I were confused as to why, what seemed like, the witness being ignored outside. We called and emailed Mr Green's office informing them that the witness was on the premises waiting. No one answered our email or phone call until after the sample was taken at the mortuary.

In the email below Mr Green explains that the mortuary staff needed a speedy process, I do however remember it was nearing the close of a working day. We informed family & friends including the mother of Jlloyd's three children of what had just taken place. We had lost trust in the Cheshire police, we had lost trust in the Cheshire - coroners office as our countless emails to the institutions stated above show how badly Jlloyd's parents and family have been treated. The emails show a number of lie's and incompetence displayed by the institutions stated above. 

Sent: 20 June 2018 17:26
To: leslie ann
Subject: RE: HTA enquiry - Consent forms for Jlloyd Samuel

 Hi Leslie-Ann,

Just to confirm our phone conversation.  I did not see your email below requesting specific samples before the MTO in the Mortuary removed some muscle and released your brother back to the funeral directors.  I since spoke with the MTO who advised that it was unlikely that any DNA would be obtained from the hair or nails.  The external witness did not appear at the Mortuary prior to the tissue removal and both our Mortuary staff and the funeral directors needed a speedy process.  However as far as independent witnesses are concerned, both our MTO and the funeral directors are independent witnesses.

Regards                                                                                                  Jeff

In an email sent to Jlloyd's family yesterday, we were asked by the mother of Jlloyd's three children's legal representative - What possible benefit yet another release of samples can achieve? 

Jlloyd's family are still awaiting the samples we requested from the coroner, the pathologist and toxicologist. We simply seek the truth. As we continue to travel through the stream of events which has taken place throughout this shocking and unbelievable reality, you will see why it is of most IMPORTANCE to Jlloyd's family that the tissue samples which were taken on unlicensed premises be tested.

Why are Jlloyd's parents being denied the samples from the pathologist and toxicologist? Why are Jlloyd's parent's being denied their son's DNA? It's their child. Jlloyd's parent's, family and friends simply wish for peace of mind and closure at this time. We thank you for your on going support. God bless you & your family

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Petition letter to your local Government officials - For those of you who wish to petition you local governments please copy and paste the information below and email this petition to your local government MP's, if in the UK , petitioners outside the UK to your local government leaders. Please can you email me the reply you get from your leaders to we will keep you all posted. Kindest Thanks

We the citizens of Great Britain - England - United Kingdom & USA concerned citizens who urge leaders to consider the legal rights of parents in the UK & USA, obtaining their children’s DNA. We wish to exercise such rights in situations where we the parents need to identify our deceased child or children, no matter how old or young our children maybe.
The parents of former footballer Jlloyd Samuel has been denied the rights of a privately funded DNA test from the remains of what has been registered as their son. The mother of Jlloyd's three children has denied Jlloyd's parents the opportunity of a DNA test. Jlloyd Samuel was registered dead on the 15 May 2018; his diesel sports car exploded in a road traffic incident, leaving his remains unrecognizable to family members. Jlloyd's parents wish to do a DNA test. The parents, including other family members and friends seek closure and peace of mind. We believe it is very important that parents, not just in the UK - England, parents worldwide deserve the right to a DNA test for their deceased child, or children if the body is unrecognizable or recognizable, no matter what age the child or children maybe. 
 We the petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to ensure that a new bill is set in place which allows parent’s the legal rights to test their child’s DNA.

Warm regards,                                                                                    Leslie-Ann Samuel


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