Outlaw ticket touting!

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Ticket touting in the UK has to stop!  

Genuine fans struggling to buy tickets and only to see them on secondary sites within minutes for four times the marked price.

Although this has enraged me for years, this week it sickened me when tickets for the Manchester One Love charity concert were sold on Ebay for £400


These are not fans, these are profiteers and it simply has to stop.

I propose a simple solution.

1) Secondary sites such as Stubhub and Getmein are enforced by law to only allow sales of tickets at the marked price or they face a large fine. These sites can instead add a small fee to each ticket sale for their profits and the fee plus postage is paid by the buyer.  The seller will get their money back with no profit.

2) Enforce touting laws at the venue by confiscating tickets and imposing large fines when caught by police.

Lets get this petition to parliament.  There is no downside to what I propose unless you are one of the unscrupulous individuals who makes hundreds of pounds out of real fans.