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Opt IN organ donation

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I am a strong believer in cellular memory transference. For that reason it seems that I to will have to destroy my own organs as I refuse to opt out as it is wrong.

Now, to those that will try to pull my belief apart and also to those that clearly disrespect God, HEAR THIS; Physics say's that the universe is intelligently designed and therefore must have an intelligent designer. WHAT? The concept of God within physics? "Rubbish", I hear you say. Just look it up man.

The only way physics can get away from the God concept is to introduce the concept of multiple universes with some complicated math and a good imagination.

A scientific theory to get away from the God concept that can never be tested.

Which one sounds more fictional? Testable science or non testable science.


To show you why it is so important to me and many others that opting out of organ donation is simply immoral and wrong. Therefore leaving only one option for a possible afterlife.

Don't let the government put Jesus on the cross.

Act now before it is to late.

Sign the petition to remain "opt in organ donation".

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