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Online Voting

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Several people have told me recently they do not intend to vote in the next election, but they would if it was possible to do so online.

I think that it is time to make the voting system more accessible, by adding the option to vote online. I believe this has the potential to significantly increase voter turn out and would make the process more convenient for the majority of people.

The cost to implement this change should be negligible and over the long run should save money. Online voting would reduce the number of people required to distribute and count voting slips.

Some people might be concerned that an online voting system may be vulnerable to hacking attacks. To mitigate this risk follow up phone calls could be made to several people to confirm their vote. If any discrepancies arose, further investigation could be carried out and potentially a new vote carried out.

The turn out in our elections remains woefully low. Please help make the voting system easier to use. I am sure we will all benefit from greater participation in our democratic process!

If we can get this to 100,000 signatures it will have to be debated in parliament. I'd greatly appreciate your help in sharing this petition.  


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