Non-EU Children & Families are suffering in UK due to 10 year FLR-FP Visa Fee+IHS £2033.

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All UK Government and European Union Officials are worried about EU & British Citizens rights in UK & Europe, which is fair enough for BREXIT.

But no one is worried about Non-EU immigrants families and their million of Children born are also living in UK and they also contributing to society. But in what pity circumstances they are living and suffering economically due to 10 years long FLR-FP Visa rules changes in 2012.

  • Now Fee is Very high raised up to Home Office Fee 1033 + IHS £1000 = Total £2033/each person even for a kid of age 1 day or an adult the fee is same and unbearable.
  • While it was less for kids before about £150, increased about 600%. Is it fair fee increase & is there any fair justification?

Before it was never same fee for adult and kids. This Fee is extremely gone high in just last 2 years. If an average Family of 5, they have to bear and pay upfront a fee of like below.

  • Total £10,165 to get first time Visa.
  • Further every time to maintain their visa status after every 30 months to Pay £10,165. up to 10 years.
  • While by speed of increasing home office fee every years and inflation it can go double plus easily in 10 years.
  • Later as last fee for Indefinite Leave fee is already high nearly approaching £2389/each, and what would be after 10 years?.
  • Total about £52,000+ need to spend to achieve indefinite status and even more to later for Naturalization & Passport, but higher after 10 years.

And more cruelty and injustice is that these children born in UK and arrived to UK in minor age, grown up to 7 years age and higher studying, integrated to society, have no access to any public benefits or social welfare to them or their families and even no child benefits allowed  up to age of 17 yrs. If they claim have threat their visa cannot be extended or at risk and if refused again thousands of pound fee to spend.

Is this type of any unfair arrangements available in any EU countries who are champion of human rights as Member of EU? And UK is member of ECHR and mostly these visas granted under article 8, private family life which can not be denied due ECHR.

  • Then why they are being punished like this by high fee and very long 10 years visa having no recourse to public benefits and welfare.
  • No access to accommodation, while rents going very high. They can't afford to buy home due to sky rising prices.
  • How they can afford to pay high HO fee +IHS every 30 months.
  • Even families can't get permanent jobs easily due to limited leave to remain restriction even this leads to settlement after 10 years. 
  • Home Office takes 1 to 2 years for processing and where this time is adjusted.

This is not help for those children and families to integrate to society even trying to evict them technically by creating economical barriers.

These families and their kids would be remain deprived and are suffering lot of pain and stress each day up to 10 years to feed and grow their children even a prosperous country like UK. Families are going to be destitute. 

This petition is raised to open the eyes of honourable parliamentarian and authorities who are responsible to protect children's and family welfare and giving them equal opportunities in society regardless of their nationality, race, religion or any type of discrimination.

Proposed Solution: - 

  1. UK Parliament and Authorities can help these children and families by reversing or restoring these laws of 10 year FLR-FP back to before 2012 for DP-276 rules.
  2. These children & families were granted indefinite or at least 3 years discretionary leave and then granted Indefinite leave to become Permanent Resident. 
  3. Fee must be highly reduced to previous levels of 2012 or extensions should be granted free. 
  4. There should be no public funds restrictions on their visas for children welfare, wellbeing at priority and their successful integration to society.
  5. All education grants and students loans should be accessible to these families to improve their skills and job prospects in UK.