No to Royal Residence in Wales - Na i Breswyl Brenhinol yng Nghymru

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This petition is set up in responce to Gorwel Think Tank's suggestion that a Royal Residence should be established in Wales. It's purpose is to show the UK government that the people of Wales do not want such a residence, and hopefully this petition will ensure the UK government do not take this suggestion Forward.

The main reasons we are so opposed to this proposition are:

  1. Its Cost to the Taxpayer will be huge.
  2. If the money exists for this project, why don't we spend it on our delapitaded infrastructure instead?
  3. 25% of the Welsh population live in poverty and over 40% of School children needed to use foodbanks last summer - this should be the focus, not a Palace.
  4. The Royals are part of a system that invaded our country and stamped out our own heritage. We should not use our money to build them a palace in our country.