NO Interest ON debt NO Death

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What can we do Moan about it how bad it is to be upset or take action it has been something which is recently being talked about due to BBC3 Documentry Drama " Killed By My Debt" But has been a problem for a long time we can at least try reduce this problem 

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Why do we have to pay more than what we owe? 

A Question to firstly the government, interest on our fines is what makes it increase as if the government wants people to be poor and stay poor.

Different types of parking fines or penalties for other traffic offences can be issued by the police or the local council. are Types of parking fines.  If you don’t pay the PCN, the amount you owe will increase and the debt may be registered in the County Court. Getting rid of late payment interest. I would say someone to pay more than what they own is absurd and ruins people's lives as the debt increases and they are not able to afford it

Fees on top of what the fines ask for is absurd and they should get rid off 

I have a friend who was not able to pay his fine as he had no job meaning no money and now his fine is £390 how do you expect someone to pay a fine with no income and now even though he has a job he does not have enough income to be able to pay £390 for someone making not even a 100 a week 390 is a lot of money. If the fine never increased it would have been paid and it is more realistic to do so.

What can we do to resolve  this is as we still require in order to keep thing running as fines are to deter people from committing the offences, therefore, alternative precautions can take place if one is not able to pay the fine with no interest ( no increase of fine) Rather  Doing civil work if you do not pay your fine which is authorised by the court on notice if not paid in a period of -2  month / 28 days   e.g. 

They can start by tackling in getting rid of increase on fine on 

Fixed penalty notice (FPN) issued by the police
Penalty charge notice (PCN) issued by local authority traffic wardens
Tax, child maintenance and council tax debt

Personal debt another social problem we ignore 
Rather than helping the Government would send bailiffs and take out reduction on earnings and someone who's in debt must be in a financial problem it is like stealing from a homeless your making a person in trouble in a greater situation of trouble

In 2014/15, 46,538 people turned to Citizens Advice because they were unable to pay court fines, a 39% increase on the figure for the previous year, according to the charity’s latest analysis of its cases.

We owe a staggering £1.529 trillion in personal debt - the highest level since the financial crisis, new Bank of England figures show.

Debt experts worry how people will cope with rising inflation, a slowing economy and weak wage growth leave households struggling to keep up with essentials, let alone find cash to clear escalating debts. And let's remember these loans taken increase through interest if it is Government fine debt or personal debt all make things worse for people due to it increasing other measures and precautions should be taken rather than an increase of fine and bailiffs.

Many people are in low paid and insecure work, they face rising living costs and lack the ability to build financial resilience to help weather any sudden change in circumstances that could pitch them into financial hardship.

Stepchange research shows that 8.6million people are using credit to cover everyday living expenses, including 1.1million who are resorting to high-cost credit.

If the economy worsens people are likely to struggle and if interest is added up on these debts it increases the situation of people getting a knock from the bailiffs