NHS should admit & monitor pregnant mothers from starting of Delivery Pain.

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Admitting and monitoring mothers during early stages of labour can reduce the number of stillbirths. I am writing this petition with deep pain as one of my best friends lost her baby on 30/12/18. The baby was 40 weeks full grown. Her husband and her excitingly waiting for his arrival. At 40 weeks she went for the scan and doctor said that the baby is Ok and asked them to come to hospital when Delivery pain starts. After 4 days when the labour pain started she went to the hospital; midwife checked and said the labour just started and has 2cm dilation of cervix. They checked and the baby was ok with normal heart rate. But the midwife asked the mother to go back to home and come back after 4-6 hours as they can only admit a woman after 5cm of cervical dilation in labour. After 5 hours she went back to hospital and found that the baby lost his life. Next morning she delivered her first baby who lost his life only because of lack of care and monitoring. Those parents are going through an unexplainable pain. Next time either you, your friends or family members can face the same situation.

It is common that NHS hospitals send labouring mothers back home saying that the labour is in its early stages. As I know from the midwife, they are only allowed to admit mothers after achieving 5cm of cervical dilation.

If considering the situation the risk to the baby during Delivery process is much higher. The risk for Cord prolapse, cord compression, cord around neck, cord stretch, fetal distress, meconium aspiration are few among them. It is clear that the risk to baby's life during labour is much higher.

Admitting a mother during early stages of labour and monitoring baby's heartbeat will reduce the number of stillbirths. It is necessary to change the law to admit and monitor mothers during early stages of labour to save the life of many babies.  Please sign the petition and support.

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