NHS and other front line workers should be paid extra for working during the Corona crisis

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During this Corona crisis, we are being repeatedly told to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. We see and read news stories of all the valiant front-line workers, working all hours of the day and even putting in many extra hours to try and keep everyone else safe. 

The UK Government has announced billions of pounds and up to £2,500 of income for most others to be able to stay at home and NOT work. This to me seems unfair. Some people are working around the clock to do what they feel is morally right and earn their pay while others are able to stay at home and work, rest or be with their families.

I would like to petition the government to consider paying ALL front line workers who cannot just 'stay at home' EXTRA for simply going into work and helping to keep everyone safe. This would continue for the initial 12-week period or however long everyone else is at home.

This is nothing to do with NHS and other key workers not earning enough (although that is also true), this is about important members of our community having to work when most others are able to rest.

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