never re-offended in adult life prior to childhood petty crimes not be disclosed on a DBS

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I am a 27 year old mother of two young children, after the birth of my second child I chose my dream career, I didn't get the best start in life, I made some mistakes when I was a child. I truly believe something needs to change with regards to the laws/legislations/rights for people whom have never re-offended in adult life prior to childhood petty crimes, to not be disclosed on an enhanced DBS, I am embarrassed and upset that I now have to go through all this again 13 years Down the line of being a law abiding citizen. I am trying to change a cycle from my troubled childhood to better the life of my children.
There are people in this country for example the James Bulger murderers that have committed an horrendous crime and get given anonymity and a second chance. how is this fair? For their safety? What about my life!? what about my future? I deeply regret the things I have done in the past and would like To be granted another chance and to request the possibility of exemption of my childhood convictions. The PNC is not a true reflection of myself. I will be conversing with my local MP's for something within parliament to change for people trying to better their life's so they don't face the same barriers I have faced myself.

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