National enforcement of electric vehicle charging bay infrastructure.

National enforcement of electric vehicle charging bay infrastructure.

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John McDevitt started this petition to UK Parliament

1. Electric vehicles are a major element of the government’s fight against climate change and air pollution.

2. A strong public charging infrastructure is vital for the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

3. One of the biggest problems with the current infrastructure is that charging bays are blocked by cars that don’t need to or deliberately haven't charged for whatever reason.

4. Current enforcement of charging bay usage is variable and inadequate at best.

5. We could fix this by introducing laws similar to those that support blue badge holders.

In a bid to tackle the UK climate targets,  Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption is paramount to aid in achieving this, particularly fully electric non-hybrid variants.

The already limited infrastructure for EV charge points is detrimental to EV uptake and in some instances causes owners to revert to using internal combustion engines. Weak infrastructure is one of the main reasons for not adopting and persevering with the technology and is wholly unacceptable.

The UK Government’s ambition is to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Based on this ambition, Energy Saving Trust forecasts that by 2030 there could be 8-11 million hybrid or electric cars on the UK’s roads, and over 25 million hybrid or electric cars by 2040. For context, there were 31.2 million cars in the UK in 2017.

An increasing number of EV drivers require public chargepoints: approximately a third of households in the UK do not have a driveway or garage and cannot install a home chargepoint, and there are plenty of other drivers who want to ‘top-up’ their battery while away from home.

For existing Electric vehicle owners, a particular frustration is where the already thin infrastructure is weakened further by the occupying of invaluable charging bays by internal combustion engine vehicles or for those electric vehicle owners whom have lack of etiquette and use charging bays for 'exclusive' parking i.e not charging.

Whether these owners of offending vehicles are either unaware or just willfully inconsiderate is the main target of this petition. Appropriate actions are as follows:

a) Standardise signage and bay marking colour to ensure there is no ambiguity as to the conditions of dedicated vehicle charging bay use.

b) Educating the nation as to the importance of not blocking valuable charge spaces and the consequences of doing so in the future (see points c and d below).

c) Making it illegal to occupy a charging bay without charging your vehicle (all chargers) or staying beyond reasonable time (approx 15 mins) after charge completion (rapid chargers only). This shall be made possible by passing a similar law to the Disabled Persons' Parking Badges Act 2013.

d) Enforcing means-tested fines for breaking the law proposed above.

I believe that by removing the stigma behind bay blocking (or 'ICEing' as it is known in the EV world), would significantly boost EV adoption and truly kick start the undoubtedly required EV revolution in the UK.

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