My UK ILR application denied after 9​.​5 years living in the UK.

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After many peoples suggesting it, and with a looming court case, I’m starting this petition after my application for permanent residency in the UK was denied at the end of 2019, after I moved here in 2010 from my native Australia (I was married to a British National).
Since the marriage broke down in 2013, I went back to Australia to apply for my new visa for 3 months processing time, I returned immediately, I have been living in the UK on a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa since early 2014, and subsequently changed in 2017 to a spouse visa due to a long term relationship I was in (with a British National). During the past 6 months her career change (now a British Airways Long haul cabin crew member) had put a strain on our relationship so much so that the relationship has recently broken down.

This happened as my visa was requiring renewing, and as the relationship wasn’t in a healthy way, I decided not to go down the renewal of that visa, as clearly it was not the honest thing to do.
Upon gaining legal advice, I was advised to make an application for ‘personal life’ reasons for being granted further extension for me staying in the UK.
The facts are,
I am an Equine Dentist, I have worked all over the world, and am currently one of very few people in this country who train people in this job, which runs parallel to my business.
I am a registered sole trader, I have a profitable business, with an annual turnover of approx £******
I employ one person as a subcontractor, and this same person has worked for me for 6 years.
My property ‘Middle Barn’ which is owned outright without a mortgage is not only my residency, but also a treatment centre for clients to bring horses to me. 
I am clear of any speeding fines, and never been in any trouble with the police.
I have never been in the UK, or any country for that matter unlawfully, and in my 9.5 years in the UK have always conducted myself in a lawful, honest, and with integrity and hard work.
Between my Father (who has an Order of Australia medal)  helping me purchase this property on my behalf, and my own expenses, I have estimated that approximately £******* has been invested by myself in that time in this country.
If this visa appeal is refused, I will be financially ruined, I have no home/family or social life in Australia, I have spent a total of 3 weeks there in the past 6 years. 
I believed I could revert back to a Tier 1 entrepreneurial visa as I still meet all criteria, but the UK government have scrapped that visa now.
I have made a life for myself in the UK, I pay my taxes, I run my business through my accountants so every small aspect is above board. 
On a more personal level I own, 2 horses, 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 motorbike and 2 cars, which I have no idea what the fate of the animals will be, or how I can address the repayments of the motor vehicles if I have to leave the UK, as I will have no source of income. 
This petition can help this decision in anyway reversing this decision and as someone who has invested so much into this country, a country I’ve lived for a quarter of my life, I’ve invested everything financially, and as a person I could ever do. 
I undertake charity work for the ‘Riding For The Disabled’, as I have in poor Middle Eastern countries treating horses for free, and at my own travelling expense.
If I am to leave, I will have no means or home in Australia, something I have built up here over the past 9 years through hard work, honesty and integrity.

i can’t thank you enough.


James x