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more research in to fowler's syndrome

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This petition has been created to help women like me who suffer from a rare condition called fowlers syndrome its a very painful and life changing condition that only effects women we need more research done on fowlers syndrome there is little to none happening.

i have suffered from fowlers syndrome for around 3 years since then i have had to stop working and my partner is my full time carer as i am laid up in bed most days with pain i take around 35 tablets a day and morphine. i often end up in hospital for iv antibiotics for sever infections caused by the catheter or urinary retention i have a suprapubic catheter and i am probably going to need my bladder the age of 24 my life has changed so much  

What is Fowler’s Syndrome?
First described in 1985, it is a cause of urinary retention (inability to pass water normally) in young women. Urinary retention in young women is not common but can be quite debilitating. The abnormality lies in the urethral sphincter (the muscle that keeps you continent). The problem is caused by the sphincter’s failure to relax to allow urine to be passed normally. There is no neurological disorder associated with the condition. Up to half the women have associated polycystic ovaries.


there is no cure for fowlers syndrome there are so many of us that are suffering so bad and just want help and for doctors to understand please help us women to get more research and get the treatment we need to get our lives back we are trying our hardest to get this condition more known to get more help but we need your help to 


thank you 



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