More Funding/Resources into Schools to prevent grooming into gangs

More Funding/Resources into Schools to prevent grooming into gangs

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Started by Jaydon Rhule

“Stay In School’s” Call To Action - Pay It Forward...

We want the government to raise awareness and put more funding inside and outside of schools, around other areas of support for young people that are easily susceptible to being groomed into gang culture. The ultimate end-goal of our project is to see that all young people in Haringey, and eventually all of London, will be properly educated and will be in a position in their adolescence, for them not to be led down the wrong path through funding and with the backing of our government. Our campaign promotes the correct education of young people who are statistically more likely to fall into trouble outside of school. We aim to allow them to focus on their studies and exams that have the power to decide their future.

Statistics show that the main crime in Haringey is burglary and theft which is linked to poverty. This is because young people are without financial security at home and are made to feel like they are all alone and have also been failed by their school and government..

The Haringey Council conducted a survey which reported that 70% of people living in the area consider burglary and petty theft to be the biggest problems. If we had more support groups for the disadvantaged youth, they wouldn’t feel the need to commit these crimes.

Following Haringey Council’s antisocial behaviour report, many young adults are out late at night drug dealing and creating a lot of noise because of the lack of safe social settings for the young which is disrupting the atmosphere in the area. This subsequently puts Haringey in a bad light and deters people from wanting to live here.

We believe that a good education leads to a good life without the worries of financial insecurity and spiralling into poverty. Our campaign, ‘STAY IN SCHOOL’ advocates the current situation our area is in and how we as people and as a community can fight to become bigger and better than the labels we’ve been given. Together we can keep our young people safe and out of trouble but first it starts with you.

Sign this petition today and create a bright future for us with more financial aid and support for our young people, starting now.

55 have signed. Let’s get to 100!