Mental health services in the UK need support and funding.

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The current aim is to improve mental Heath services for the NHS by 2021 according to the latest news with funding and what seems like a good care plan for the UK. I want to make sure this happens. Currently there is a lack of mental health staff, there over worked and over stretched. In Cumbria there are currently no free beds and it's a constant stuggle to juggle patients around from bed to bed. These people are fragil and need a smooth transistion in to the mental health system. This is not happening. Some of these already desprite people are in Accident and emergency, held in prisons and on the streets when what they need is care and help to get back in to society and play there part in our country. We have failed a lot of them so far. Please fund the mental health services in the NHS and support them. In doing this you are supporting every single person in the United Kingdom as we will all be touched by the struggles of mental health at some point in our  life. Let's save the people and save the country.