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Mental Health in School curriculum

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Hi. I'm Joanne. I suffer from anxiety and depression.

I strongly believe that Mental Health should be a compulsory subject in high schools. Schools do not teach anything about mental health such as the different kinds of mental health, ways to handle it and what to do if you think you have mental health problems. Children in high school are more prone to depression and anxiety due to bullying and stress from their lives. If they do not get the right information on what is wrong with them or how to deal with their mental health problems then they may never get better. 1 in 6 people report experiencing 'common' mental health problems such as depression and anxiety every week. 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems every year and people of all ages can get mental health problems at some point in their life and i strongly believe that if it was taught in school then more people will be aware off mental health.

Why am i doing this petition? I got bullied in school and because i didnt know anything about any mental health problems i just put my feelings and not wanting to go out down to "high school and the teenage phase". It was only after i left school i realised why i was the way i was. I had Anxiety and Depression. I have children and i would hate for them or anybody else to not know what to do in any situation regarding mental health.

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Thank you.

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