Meghan Markle

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Meghan The Dutchess of Sussex has been subjected to malicious racist attacks for a period of 3 years. Meghan Markle has been insulted, bullied and harassed for doing exactly the same things that Kate The Dutchess of Cambridge was praised for. The cost of the Frogmore cottage has made the headlines while the cost of the building renovations has never made headlines. Meghan wears affordable clothing that gets sold off after her appearances but the cost of every item makes the headlines with the intention of generating hatred towards Meghan. Painful lie after lie is generated even after Prince Henry The Duke of Sussex decided to step down from the position of Senior Royal and migrated to the United States.. Meghan and Harry are trying to raise their son but they are forever harassed by drones and photographers. Princess Diana (Hanry's mother) died in a car accident while being chased by the paparazzi.. Can these people leave Harry and his family ALONE.. Despite many painful untruths, the Kensington Palace has never defended Meghan yet only one article about Kate on the Tatler-gate, the Palace is quick to defend and threaten law suit. Even when Meghan tries to find employment anywhere including Disney, people were quick to harass Disney or any other potential employers. They do not want Meghan and Harry at the Palaces and they are blocking their prospects of finding employment.. What is this couple supposed to do to find peace??