Mcdonald's to do Gluten Free Buns

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So many more people with in the UK are now born with gluten free intolerances or are diagnosed with coeliac disease from a young age or during their life time. This leads to the difficulty of having to finding food alternatives, which in today's society is becoming a whole lot easier yet there is still major problems. Mcdonald's are global chain that serve fast food, yet they are still yet to use gluten free bread buns or gluten free alternatives. For so many people this means they don't get the chance to eat Mcdonald's as there is nothing on the menu that they are able to eat apart from their fries. I believe this is a massive disadvantage for 1000s of people with in the U.K. and that Mcdonald's should start doing gluten free options/gluten free bread buns for those who are born with a wheat interloance. So I have started this petition in the hope that a change will be made.