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Mandatory for Motorway Services to provide security patrols in overnight parking areas

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Motorway services charge a vast amount of money for you to be able to park up overnight and for this, you only get access to facilities and food/shop outlets. There are currently no security patrols at most of these services, but surely there is a “duty of care” that these motorway services should be providing?

Lorry drivers must take lawful rest times and so when they park up at night in these motorway services, they should be able to park up without the fear of being a victim of crime. Lorries are broken into every night in these places, with severe damage being done to the lorry and their freight/goods being stolen. Freight crime is on the increase and it’s no wonder when thieves are given this opportunity to do so. Thieves use sharp knives and specialised tools to gain access to the goods in the lorry which puts drivers lives at risk. Assaults and threats are also made regularly to the drivers.

Lorry drivers are core to our country, without these drivers our shelves would be empty. We would have no fuel to put into our cars, our homes would have nothing in it. We like to be able to sleep in our homes and feel safe and lorry drivers are no different. The lorries are the driver’s homes, they eat and sleep in their cabs as they are on the road and away from their loved ones for most of the week, if not longer. Simply changing the legislation on the attached link for: “Provision of high security parking for which an additional charge can be levied after an initial 2-hour period” from permitted to Mandatory, would enable these drivers to sleep properly at night without being in fear of being a victim to crime. This will save millions of pounds in stolen goods and damage done to the lorries and could also save a driver’s life and so I urge you to sign this petition.

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