Mandatory CCTV in all care homes and by choice in your own home

Mandatory CCTV in all care homes and by choice in your own home

2 July 2019
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Why this petition matters

I started this petition to The UK parliament due to the fact, like many I have experienced a provider and my local authorities ignoring reported incidents of neglect and ill-treatment in a care home where I have a vulnerable autistic relative.

The provider, with support from one local authority in particular and advocacy service, removed and confiscated all communication and electronic equipment provided to my relative, and I was banned from supporting them with any devices after I reported evidence of incidents to The CQC; which I discovered were not investigated, contrary to claims made by the provider and local authority.
The content of one piece of equipment confiscated provided additional evidence, but this was concealed by those who had a duty of care and obligation to report concerns or take action; from care staff and social worker up to director level managers.

Further, some MP's have themselves, in parliament, raised and detailed their own unfortunate experiences of their loved ones being abused in care, yet nothing has been done to drive real change.

Due to the above, I firmly believe there should be mandatory legislation for all care, nursing and residential homes, where vulnerable people live, to have CCTV that is capable of continuous audio/video recording installed in them. Not only for the protection of the elderly but also for those adults who have learning disabilities or levels of autism.
Such CCTV systems in care homes should also be independently monitored, with family members having the support and ability to review any suspected incidents or concerns raised. Such could also offer protection with false allegations against carers. And unlike some campaigns, I don't believe providers should obtain and use footage of incidents for training purposes; such could be re-created using actors and records of incidents while maintaining the privacy and dignity of actual individuals.

Additionally, I believe any family who has not themselves abused or neglected their vulnerable relative should have the powers to make providers permit secure overt CCTV systems in the private rooms of their relative (excluding bathroom areas), particularly if they suspect neglect or abuse of their loved ones, rather than being forced to resorting to the use of covert surveillance. While I believe it should be mandatory to have CCTV in and enabled in private rooms by default, this should be a choice of the individual or family and not the provider. 

Similarly, I believe families who have vulnerable relatives should be permitted to have CCTV systems, which they can control in their homes and those of their loved family members, should they or their family choose to and justify the need for such. We can monitor babies and young children but still cannot safeguard our vulnerable adult or elderly family members.

Not only would CCTV systems be a form of safeguard and I believe in the vulnerable persons best interests, but it would also offer some assurance for families who care about their relatives and additionally provide some protection for paid carers or family carers against malicious allegations; including by social care staff, as historical case and news reports can evidence.

I hope that you will support this petition and others like it that you may come across which crusade for similar change, taking the time to sign this petition and share it.

If you would like to read more about why I started this petition, please visit

Thank you.
Chris Bury

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Signatures: 5,280Next Goal: 7,500
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