Mandatory access for fire brigade to local home floor plans to prevent future fire deaths

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Following the huge tragedy of Grenfell Tower inferno, where an unknown number of individuals sadly lost their lives, we petition the Government to make it mandatory to provide the fire brigade with floor plans of all residences in the local area as well as any changes to the property that could pose a potential fire risk, as well as a list of fire detection and prevention devices in the building and their most recent safety inspection . This could be accessed via a database so emergency services could advise via phone on the safest course of action to take.

Many died in Grenfell Tower due to being told to remain in their homes as the flammable cladding spread fire all over the tower, aided by trapped air in between the cladding that acted as an accelerator ; had the fire brigade known there was this flammable material on the building, only one staircase by which to exit the building and no sprinklers installed, it is likely they would have advised to leave the building sooner. The blame by no means lies with  our fire brigade but measures must be put into place to keep us AND them safe.

Our fire brigades and brave firefighters do an excellent job in protecting us and it is time the Government supported them to prevent deaths by fire - they were not to know that despicable landlords had scrimped on renovating the building.

It is vital that the UK government seriously reconsider their policies regarding the fire service and the rights of UK citizens to live in homes that are fit for human habitation and are SAFE. It is time for landlords to be held accountable for the lives they endanger through their penny-pinching, greed and disregard for the lives of their residents.

 Introducing this measure would help the emergency services to better advise over the phone how to stay safe in the event of fire and give firefighters a clearer idea of the layout of the properties they are entering.

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