Make the £200 energy 'loan' optional

Make the £200 energy 'loan' optional

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Started by Amy Pearson

Following confirmation this week that the typical energy bills will rise by £693 a year from 1st April, the Government have announced, in a bid to help households with the rising cost of living, a £200 'energy bill loan ' .

WHAT - on every single electricity bill in England, Scotland and Wales, you will either have your bill reduced by £200, or you'll be given a bill credit.

WHEN - October 2022

HOW -£200 will be taken off bills per household. And then each April after that, they will add a £40 levy back on them for five years to recoup the cost.

The issue for consumers is that this is NOT optional! It also is not given to any individual, it is the household. So if you're living with parents now, then you move out, for all you weren't given the £200 levy, you will still have to pay back the £200 for your household for the next 5 years!!!

How can you help change this? Sign the petition for change for the £200 'energy bill loan to be OPTIONAL

2,449 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!