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Make political lying a punishable offence.

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Political lying and false statements are plaguing our printed media. Newspapers and political party leaflets are covered with untruthful propaganda in a dishonest attempt to sway voters.

In order to combat this issue we call on parliament for the following to be put into effect:

  • Make publishing false statements on a party or politician's actions and pledges a punishable offence under electoral law. This includes false or dishonest libel and slander.
  • Introduce a new law forcing news outlets to be impartial to parties and their leaders, both in printed press (newspapers) and online, similarly to the laws ensuring due impartiality on Television.
  • A third party organisation similar to OfCom should determine wether the party or organisation in question has breached such laws.
  • Punishments should include, but not be limited to, a public factual correction of the statement. Further compensation is to be decided by the committee depending on the severity.

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